Here's the Sitch.

You gotta start somewhere, so here it is: The Beginning. 

As I mentioned elsewhere/everywhere on this site, I want to take my life as a designer more seriously. I want to give myself real deadlines and expectations to keep getting better - to test out ideas, even if they suck - and to really dive deep into designs that I love to try to see what makes them tick. In the hopes that someday, I too can make designs that tick. So apologies in advance, this will be more akin to a journal entry (read: potential public shaming) than a beautifully crafted and choreographed blog. Hold onto your butts: this could get weird.

So, enough of the disclaimers. Here come the claimers ... as in, I claim this is what I'm committing to. Go with me on this.

 Aside from terrible word play, I want to explore 4 aspects of design: 

  1. Built works
  2. Found objects
  3. Representation
  4. Concept Design

Each week, I plan on focusing on one of each of these themes, completing a full rotation once a month. Please don't fall asleep. I know this is the dry part. But bear with me! It's going to be fun!

1. Built Works I'll choose a building that has fascinated me and really dive deep. Study the plans, read up on the theory, and try my best to extract its architectural goodness. What I'll deliver to you: A written understanding of the work with photographic and diagrammatic evidence to back my claims. Though who knows? Maybe the goodness will be better represented in dramatic play-form? But most likely it will be writing.

2. Found Objects I think this one will be a little loosey-goosey. More fly-by-night. A real bad boy. Living in New York, there are loads of existing, amazing, and sometimes subtle things that can really be inspirational. I think a good goal for this one is, find one! Or a set! Or a whole bunch! What I'll deliver: Most likely a series of photos with a bunch of gushing about how cool the things are.

3. Representation I think my second greatest love next to the built world is drawings of the built world. I mean, I really have it bad for a great collage. And don't get me started on perspectives. Don't believe me? Just look at my hoard of architectural representation porn. So for this week, I think I'll keep it pretty simple. I'll choose from one of the hundreds (literally) of images I've already collected and try to recreate it.

4. Concept Design This, I'm afraid, is a tough one. Where to get the program? How to choose the scale? I'm thinking competition briefs, both old and new. Though these will be quick sprints, not necessarily the full-on described deliverables outlined in the brief. What I'll deliver: A handful of representations for the concept design with a brief description of the approach.

So that's it! And of course, I'd LOVE to have any suggestions from you. Got an amazing building I should look into? Send it my way! Found a new representation technique I should check out? Bring it on. Have a design problem that you want someone to explore FOR FREE. Come on. Need I say more?

Is it too ambitious? Probably. Will these goals be revised? Constantly. After all, this is design as it develops.